🎉 We have a new release! Mangata - v0.11.2


The release includes dummy UI for rewards - rewards are not working yet, the numbers there are just placeholders, please wait for the next release to test them


We improved performance(this was a big guy), added a few UI niceties - Tooltip for wallets, better disabled buttons, and fixed bunch of bugs

Full list - What’s Changed

  • Trading Inputs now correctly update their values when assets are changed
  • Fixed the bug that caused Pool Detail in sidebar to automatically close when it was opened too quickly after some other Pool Detail was closed
  • Added error handling for transactions which fail due to transaction promise rejection (reasons other than manual rejection of the transaction in Polkadot extension)
  • Fixed useTxProgress error handling (it’s handled by the SDK now)
  • Improved visual feedback for disabled trading form
  • Internal fixes for logging
  • Implemented manual refetch for assets and pools after transactions to address performance issues
  • Fixed ERC20 balance fetching in Deposit scenario
  • Updated tokens list in Deposit modal
  • Added tooltips for Polkadot and Metamask addresses in the UI
  • Updated copy of POOL form fees info
  • Fixed the bug in Deposit logic that prevented non-custom assets from being deposited