Subtitle: Partners are ready to bring their tokens to Mangata

Mangata Finance has released its new bootstrap feature. This new building block will allow any crypto project to launch a new token with deep liquidity on Polkadot and Kusama. It will enable upcoming Web3 projects to get their token into the hands of users, expose it to the market, and discover its value. Mangata’s partner OAK Network is the first to use the feature to bootstrap their TUR token on the Kusama DEX Mangata X.

The new feature has been battle-tested in the summer with the launch of Mangata X’s own token, MGX. A few cutting-edge Polkadot projects have already signaled interest to bootstrap their tokens. “Polkadot parachains will revolutionize crypto. By enabling projects to bootstrap liquidity on Mangata X, we will introduce them to the next wave of crypto users.”, says Peter Kris, founder of Mangata Finance.

This latest update to Mangata X puts the Kusama DEX on course to connect to all major chains of the Polkadot ecosystem to create the most optimized trading experience on any DEX. Mangata is steadily progressing on its roadmap to launch on Polkadot. Upcoming features include Proof-of-Liquidity, gasless swaps, and private transactions in the mempool. These will add to Mangata’s tech stack of unique solutions like the already delivered front-running prevention, algorithmic buy & burn, and time incentivization.

Projects interested to bootstrap their token can start here.

About Mangata

Mangata is a next-generation DEX with the mission to make tokens from all ecosystems tradable on a single DEX. It features gasless swaps, prevents front-running and MEV on the consensus level without additional fees, and secures the network with the revolutionary proof-of-liquidity consensus. As a Layer 1 app-chain building on Substrate, it is not bound by legacy restrictions and can customize the rules of the chain to optimize the whole ecosystem around capital efficiency and fairness. Mangata X is THE upcoming Kusama DEX that broke records when closing its crowdloan within 50 minutes.

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