Mangata Finance joins the class of Sushiswap, dYdX, and Kyber network

The DeFi Alliance Accelerator welcomes its latest member, Mangata Finance. The newly accelerated project will join DeFi Alliance’s six-week program. The accelerator program has helped projects like 0x, Acala, Synthetix, Loopring, and Zerion successfully navigate the DeFi startup scene.

DeFi Alliance is one of the oldest DeFi initiatives, helping hundreds of startups learn about liquidity and trading implications concerning their projects. In addition, they provide access to a wide network of market makers, layer one protocols, and other crypto-native ecosystems. This in part ensures that startups will develop a solid liquidity and trading plan by the end of the six-week accelerator program.

Mangata Finance CEO, Peter Kris said:

“Getting accepted in the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program is a great honor and has provided everyone at Mangata with a sense of recognition. There are many battles ahead of us, but we are confident that with DeFi Alliance’s amazing cohort of mentors we will absolutely dominate all liquidity and trading challenges.”

DeFi Alliance is renowned and recognized as the number one authority on liquidity and trading for DeFi startups and participation in the accelerator program is limited to 20 startups per cohort. Approximately 200 projects regularly apply to join this program, but only the most promising ones are accepted.

Mentorship provided by the DeFi Alliance Network helps kickstart startups by pairing them with a mentor whose area of expertise fits the startup’s main challenge. Mentors such as Jake Chervinsky from Compound, Meltem Demirors from CoinShares, and Qiao Wang from DeFi Alliance work closely with startups to provide guidance and support.

Beyond organized education about liquidity and trading challenges, the entrants get instant membership to the DeFi Alliance Network, a part of which are leading trading companies, such as Cumberland, CMT Digital, Volt Capital, and Jump Capital. Overall, the network contains 150+ Member Companies, 30+ Market Makers, 60+ Funds, and 400+ Individual Members.

DeFi Alliance Co-Founder, Qiao Wang said:

“Mangata Finance is an extremely promising startup that is working to discover and implement solutions to some of the most important DEX liquidity and trading challenges in our industry. Their solution to MEV and frontrunning is cutting-edge research. As a result, we are proud to welcome them to the DeFi Alliance Network where they will be able to work together with their peers and mentors, connect with leading trading firms and funds, and improve the foundation of the startup.”

The six-week accelerator program ends with a demo day, where all of the teams gather to pitch to trading firms and ecosystem members, participate in real-time Q&As and enjoy thought-provoking speeches from renowned speakers.