As was announced in the Mangata X - Crowdloan Details post, there will be a 30% DEX bonus and a 50% Community bonus given out on top of the 6,250 MGX base reward for participation in the Mangata X Crowdloan. (non-stacking, higher one wins)

We took a snapshot of all activity until 14th February 2022 and are using these snapshots to compare eligible accounts against.

In this blog post, we give you the details and lay out the roadmap for the crowdloan. If you have any questions, please make sure to read the full post, as well as the Crowdloan Details and FAQ. Most of them are already answered. If your question is still open, head over to the Mangata Discord #crowdloan channel to get it answered.

If you want to stay in the loop regarding any updates and breaking news, we will always publish new information on the Mangata X Newsletter, in the Mangata Discord #announcements channel and on Twitter: @MangataFinance

Before we dive in, let’s nail down the core principles once more:

  • Everyone who participates in the Mangata X Crowdloan will receive 6,250 MGX per KSM contributed. This by itself is a very good offer in our estimation.
  • On top of that, we want to kickstart the growth of the network by showing that we care about community members and DEX users who already made a net positive impact on the ecosystem by giving them an additional bonus on top of the base reward.
  • Nevertheless, we need to draw the line somewhere and some people will feel left out. Please know that you are still very early and will be one of the first to participate in this new generation of blockchain tech that is built by Mangata. By getting into a crowdloan, you’re becoming part of the community, and may become eligible to future rewards or bonuses. We have a lot of things planned.

The DEX User Bonus

One key aspect we are looking for when bootstrapping Mangata X is to attract enough liquidity to facilitate higher volume trading. That is why we decided to look for early adopters of Kusama based DEXes and make them a special offer: If you have provided liquidity on Karura, Zenlink on Bifrost, Solarbeam on Moonriver or Sushiswap on Moonriver before, you are eligible for a 30% bonus on the Crowdloan. That’s a guaranteed minimum reward of 8,125 MGX per KSM contributed.

We took a snapshot of eligible addresses and you can check out if you find your address here: Spreadsheet

How will the DEX User Bonus be applied?

  • For Bifrost and Karura addresses: The spreadsheet shows eligible parachain and corresponding KSM addresses. Crowdloan contributions made with this KSM address will be eligible for the bonus.
  • For Moonriver EVM addresses: The spreadsheet shows the eligible addresses. We will offer a process in the coming weeks and ahead of TGE that lets you connect your MOVR address and contributing KSM address in a provable way. Details on that will be announced via our channels.

The Community Bonus

We want to reward our early community that helped us build the Discord or made other outstanding contributions. We have taken note of such contributions and recorded the Discord usernames associated with it. If you find yourself on the list, you are eligible for a 50% bonus on the Crowdloan. That amounts to a guaranteed allocation of 9,375 MGX per KSM contributed.

This is a list of Discord users eligible for the Community Bonus: Spreadsheet

How will the Community Bonus be applied?

  • We will offer a process in the coming weeks and ahead of TGE that lets you connect your Discord Username and KSM address via a Discord Bot. Details on that will be announced via our channels.

Is your name missing on the Community Bonus list?

Mistakes can happen. If you cannot find your username on the Community Bonus list but have made meaningful contributions to the growth of the Mangata Community (that go beyond a simple registration or singular messages on any platform) and have provable evidence, we have created an appeals form for you. Please understand that we continue to reserve the right to determine the final criteria of the list. We will not be reacting to every form submission but only to those that show without doubt that a correction of the list is in order. The Form

The Road ahead: Updated Crowdloan Start Date and Time

We have received a lot of great feedback to the Mangata X Crowdloan in the previous days. A lot of you had more questions. We want to make sure that there is as much clarity as possible for the community. This is why we have decided that we move the start of the Mangata X Crowdloan to Tuesday 22nd of February, 3pm UTC.

This will give the community the chance to once more meet during the Mangata Monday community call at 6pm UTC for a dedicated AMA that is all about the Crowdloan.

This will also give some of you more time to unbond your KSM in time for the start of the Crowdloan.

These are exciting times for the Mangata X community and we thank you for your continued support!

May the Airwhale bless you with infinite rewards!

May the Airwhale bless you with infinite rewards!

Make sure to stay in the loop!