Mangata X is about to list IMBU, the native token of the Imbue Network. Imbue is aiming to provide decentralized crowdfunding services in the Polkadot ecosystem. IMBU will be bootstrapped on the Kusama DEX with the IMBU-MGX pair on the 7th of November. The bootstrap will run for 3 days, and Mangata X users and the Imbue community will be able to join the bootstrap by providing IMBU or MGX. After the bootstrap, IMBU will be tradable on

Decentralized Crowdfunding

Imbue Network is building an alternative to centralized crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They are aiming to create a platform that solves fundamental problems in launching crypto projects, such as the lack of transparency and further accountability.

The projects that will utilize Imbue’s crowdfunding mechanism will be subject to prove their accomplishments to the community according to their milestones. This way, Imbue targets to protect investors from harmful projects that do not follow their promises, and bring a vetting mechanism for those projects while making them accessible to retail investors in a decentralized manner.

As a receiver of grants from Web3 Foundation and Substrate Builders Program, Imbue Network’s native token IMBU is one of the most anticipated tokens in the ecosystem. Imbue is not funded with venture capital, and offers the Dotsama community a fair and community-focused token launch with the IMBU-MGX Bootstrap.

We recently invited Sam Elamin from Imbue Network to a call:

Do not miss the chance to be a part of this occasion and join the bootstrap!

IMBU-MGX Bootstrap & Incentive Program

The bootstrap will start on the 7th of November at Mangata X users can join the bootstrap by contributing MGX or IMBU tokens. The participants of the IMBU-MGX bootstrap will receive LP tokens according to the final allocation of the bootstrap pool.

The IMBU-MGX pool will be incentivized starting with a rate of 100m MGX per year. We expect the initial APR to be above 100%.

Here is a guide on how to contribute to the bootstrap: HowTo: Mangata Bootstrap

Parade of the Black Sea Fleet - Ivan Aivazovsky

More Tokens Coming

The Mangata team is dedicated to bringing more tokens to the Kusama DEX. After listing the TUR token recently, Mangata continues to present unique opportunities such as IMBU to its invaluable users.

If you are a parachain team and want to bootstrap your network’s token on Mangata X, take a look at our Bootstrapping Guide.

Are you a developer and building integrations? Take a look at the Mangata SDK to get started.

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About Mangata

Mangata is the next-generation DEX of Polkadot with the vision to make tokens from all ecosystems tradable on a single DEX. It features gasless swaps, prevents front-running and MEV, and increases capital efficiency with the revolutionary proof-of-liquidity consensus. As a Layer 1 app-chain building on Substrate, it is not bound by legacy EVM restrictions and optimizes the whole ecosystem around capital efficiency and fairness. Mangata X is the DEX of Kusama that broke records when closing its crowdloan within 50 minutes.

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