As we announced last week, the MGX-KSM Liquidity Bootstrapping Event is now live!

Now it is your chance to get your MGX liquidity allocation and receive early rewards. The Ecosystem Development Fund has contributed 168 million MGX, which are now up for grabs by the Kusama ecosystem. Early supporters who whitelisted themselves can go first. On Saturday the gates for the whole Kusama ecosystem will open. Read all about it in this issue!

Join the MGX-KSM Liquidity Bootstrapping Event NOW!

168,000,000 MGX contributed by Ecosystem Development Fund

The Ecosystem Development Fund wants to ensure there is as deep liquidity as possible and reduce price sensitivity, which will protect the token price against volatility and sell pressure. This is why we have decided to contribute 168 million MGX to the MGX-KSM Liquidity Bootstrapping Event.

This is our invitation to the Kusama ecosystem to contribute KSM, become co-owners of Mangata X at this early stage, and earn a big portion of the existing MGX liquidity.

Bootstrapping Guide

Bootstrapping Guide: You can find the full details for the bootstrap event following this link: MGX-KSM Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

There is also a video guide where you can see all the steps for the bootstrap:

TGE completed!

Crowdloan participants have already received their initial unlocked MGX. If you are a crowdloan participant, you can now contribute it to the bootstrap.

To check your account balance, please use Subscan or connect your wallet to

Whitelisted users can also join the bootstrap with their KSM right away. The public phase for KSM contributions will begin in four days, on Saturday, June 11th.

You can easily bridge your KSM to Mangata X using our interface. Due to the ratio cap you can only deposit KSM if there are enough MGX in the pool!

Up Next:

After the bootstrap event concludes, we will focus on opening XCM channels with other parachains (starting with Karura) and improving our user experience. You are invited to our weekly Mangata Mondays on Discord, where we are hosting great people from the Dotsama ecosystem.

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May the Airwhale bless you with infinite rewards!

May the Airwhale bless you with infinite rewards!